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April 15, 2009

Using My Blog For My Photography

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     In my daily life I tend to get so busy and wrapped up with trying to “make the ends meet” that free time with my family and friends becomes difficult to attain. So, after I do get to spend time with my family and friends there is not much time left for me. One of my hobbies which my family and friends tell me I spend way too much money on is Photography. I enjoy catching SPECIAL MOMENTS with my photography. Luckily there are family and friends in my life that share my interests. I am lucky to have them around.

     I am dedicating this blog to my family and friends who enjoy viewing my photography. The support that each and every one of you give me is appreciated. I hope you enjoy the posts and pages upon this page as much as I do posting my photography for the world to see.

      You will see alot of my pictures that have WaterMarks. Those photos are are for sale at $5.00. (Original sizes vary per camera I used to take the shot.) U can reach me at  . (No charge for Family.)

Thank You All,


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